Thursday, October 4, 2012

Atelier work In chronological order

I started atelier training with Jonathan Hardesty in March 2012. I didn't realize at the time how much work it will take to get my training off the ground. Keep in mind that I've been doing graphic design for a while, so I know my way around shapes and colors.

What I've been lacking, was art fundamentals and a structured art education. I knew how to get around that to get the job done, but it was so frustrating to be able to do complex effects, yet fail miserably at reproducing a likeness or not being able to sketch an animal with confidence.

My first project with Jonathan was this bargue master copy.

I thought I'd get it done in a few hours. About 140 hours later I made a drawing which looked close enough to the original. I had 2 more bargue master copies to complete.

My next project was a girl's head. It looked relatively simple. I ended up redrawing it 13 times before I arrived at a version which was good enough to finish.

The girl's face bargue took just under 300 hours to complete. And then came the final bargue copy. It was the most complicated of the three.

To my surprise, I finished it in just over a hundred hours. In the process, I learned a very valuable lesson: past experience in art hardly ever translates into future outcomes.

After this came a series of cast drawings. In chronological order, they were:

A charcoal drawing on white paper of the back of a Philippe Faraut female torso cast: 100+ hours

Charcoal on toned paper of the front of a male torso cast: 60+ hours

and the front of a female torso cast done in charcoal and white chalk on toned paper: 8 hours drawing (proportions, values, edges) and 8 hours on cleanup.

I'm now working on my color charts and a master copy of Nikolai Fechin. I'll post it when it's done.