Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Art is already there

For years I've been trying to put into words what I've been aiming to accomplish.

This morning, I was watching Miroslav Grosser talk about singing in overtones when he said:

"you don't need to produce anything, it's already there".

That's the phrase I've been looking for. Honest and beautiful art is not and can not be artificial, it's not technique or special knowledge. It's already there. Discovering it within and learning how to make it come up to the surface has apparently been my goal all along.

It must be a good thing, I've been focusing on practice instead of creating finished pieces. There appears to be no way to learn what lies in the heart except through bringing out everything and anything that comes out.

I'm happy to re-affirm this to myself as I am now aware that my studies were intentionally and unintentionally focused on reaching a goal I couldn't yet put into words.

And since you were kind enough to endure my ramblings, I'd like to share a few studies for my Light and Color Schoolism class with you.