Monday, May 13, 2013

CGMA Principles of Design Process Stuff

I'm taking Principles of Design Process at CGMA with Derek Kosol. This is my 3rd class with Derek. He ended up subbing Perspective Fundamentals and Digital Painting when I was taking those.

After 3 quarters studying with Derek, I was fortunate to have him pinpoint and fix some serious design issues I've been having. My flaws have been affecting my work for years. Now I'm making designs I never dreamed I could generate and produce.

Derek is awesome!

And on a personal note, Derek's Principles of Design Process class is constantly overlooked by students, which is a bummer. I have to say, it's the most important class I took after Peter Han's Dynamic Sketching 1&2 ( VisCom) and Perspective Fundamentals.

Before I get all opinionated, here are a few images of designs I did for Derek's class.