Sunday, September 8, 2013

Almost end of CGMA quarter and some new curves

Hi everyone,

I'm on my last week of Michael Hampton's Analytical Figure Drawing 2 class. Week 7 was composition, which I always find very enjoyable to explore

I've been practicing drawing straight lines, curves and ellipses with my tablet for a few months now. I'm using Scott Robertson's excellent Basic Perspective Form Drawing DVD as my main training tool. I've been getting better and better, but still far from the speed and accuracy I'm aiming for.

My first goal (and benchmark) was to train up to the point where I would be able to freehand a decent perspective grid and use it to put together a few mirrored curves. I did that 2 weeks ago. It's rough, but adequate for a target mark.
This week, I felt I had enough control to attempt my first complex curves object. And it came out quite well. I'll need a lot of practice before I will be satisfied with my quality and speed, but for a first freehand constructed complex shape - this one is not too bad.
I'm going to go practice some more now.