Wednesday, March 20, 2013

CGMA: Finals For Winter 2013

Hello everyone,

Just wrapped up my finals for my CGMA Digital Painting and Environment Sketching. Much respect to my instructors: Derek Kosol and Phil Dimitiriadis. Both guys are amazing artists and wonderful teachers. I learned a lot from them this quarter. In fact, there is no way I could've put together anything close to the following 3 images just 8 short weeks ago.

The monochrome image is my final for the Environment Sketching class. The top line shows building  concepts together with a very rough sketch. The second block (of 4 images) is a series of value studies; my assignment was to show the same scene under different lighting conditions. The bottom section of the page is a cleaned up and detailed version, based on one of the value studies.

The final for my Digital Painting class consisted of 2 separate images: a character development sheet and an environment design. Same idea for these 2 images: ideation, color studies, final.

I have a bunch of pictures from my live drawing class, but I need to finish my quarter (in a week or so) and download them off my phone. I'll have them up very soon.

Friday, March 8, 2013

CGMA Digital Painting Class

Here are a few things from my digital painting class. I'll need to polish up the designs for the finals submission, but these show what our assignments are usually like.

I haven't looked at the value studies from week 1 since I delivered them. It's scary much my values were off seven weeks ago.

Monday, March 4, 2013

I'm Learning to Paint

Hi everyone. Been awhile. Sorry. I have a whole bunch of live study updates, which I will post when I get them off my phone camera. In the meantime, here are some of my quick color experiments.

As always, these are studies done from random images I found on the web.

When I started doing these, I was having trouble understanding value, temperature and saturation. Straight copy was the best I could do.

My goal was to see how contrast between different areas dictated what I perceived. Values clicked for me when I was doing the images in the middle row. When I started doing the desert scene, I understood how to properly use temperature contrast.

Once I figure all this out, I gained control of the focal area (2 desert images from the right).

Top 3 images took me a few hours to paint (2 to 3 hours per image). Middle row was about an hour per image (the one on the right took around 30 minutes). Bottom row images took from 15 to 5 minutes. Always a nice feeling when understanding clicks and the dreadful feeling of despair goes away.

At the very least, I know what I'm looking at now and all I need is lots of practice; it's not a brick wall anymore for me. I should be able to start painting from imagination very soon.

I'll also do an upload of all my quarter work as soon as the quarter is over. As always, thanks for stopping by.